Inspiration: Light & Bright Spaces

I have never fancied myself an interior designer. But sometimes I think that’s really held me back from making places truly my own. I’ve always rented, and in the back of my head I’m always thinking, “eh, I’ll care more when we buy our first home.” More and more, however, I’m learning the importance of putting in a little extra effort to make my home feel more like…well, home. Now that I am married, it’s been so fun to learn how to decorate together, and to see how our styles often align. Of course there are always differences, namely my inclination towards bright colors.

Here is some of my inspiration for seamlessly incorporating bright colors:

1. I love this use of bright furniture, mixed in with neutrals. And the luggage? Amazing.

2. A few bright pieces against a mostly white background (the white lamp is great too!)

3. Britt Bass is known for her colorful aesthetic, and her home tour certainly does not disappoint. I love her color-coded display of books to subtly add some brightness.

4. A little color on pillows, in art, and even from flowers goes a long way.

5. I want all of this. Those textiles are just perfect, as is the entire studio tour.