The July List

The July List

Oh my goodness, it’s July. How did that happen? Suddenly I’ve blinked, and it feels like summer is halfway over. So, in response to these speedy summer days, I decided it might be a good idea to set some goals for July. A bucket list of sorts. And if this goes well, I may even make this a monthly ritual.

My List for July:

Go to the beach at least once! A legit, toes-in-the-sand, spend all day on the beach, beach trip.

Read at least one book from this list. I made the effort to make the list, so it might be a good idea to crack one open.

Practice yoga at least once a week. I used to do so much more, but I am hoping this will help me ease back into it.

Try at least one new restaurant. Even it that means going out of town.

Play my violin at least three times. Seriously, I haven’t gotten it out of the case in probably two years.

Make a new green smoothie recipe. Again, a lapsed habit.

Get a new nephew. Though I suppose this isn’t *technically* in my control.

What are some of your plans for the rest of the summer?



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